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Revenge of the Barf Monster...

Ginger Ale is the only thing that has saved my life today. I feel gross.

My car started today! My father, in his infinite auto-wisdom, suggested that because my car has "summer gas" in there, and that it probably froze. Well, it was above freezing today, and check... it started up. I'm still taking it to get looked at on Wednesday... and I'll probably get some new spark plugs, just in case. Whatever! Etain lives!

Also, I got my get_medieval comic book over the weekend! I leapt all around our kitchen when I got it. I loooove books, speaking of which, I'm going to go cozy up with Harry Crews and some more ginger ale.

How're you?

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Tags: body sabotage, books, foodstuffs, rollin' in my acclaim
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