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I hear the flapping of pigs' wings...

So... I watched the Gopher v. Badger game while I was at work, in between homework... and I (really hate admitting this.) liked it. I chalk it up to the fact that the readings were so dead boring, and I didn't bring my other books with me. I am not a sports fan.

What I am, however, is hungry. Yowza. My appetite has exploded the past few days. Winter is coming, y'all - 'n my body wants to pile on some "insulation." I'm rebelling, but man is my stomach ever persuasive.

I have a crapload of work to do. I need to get my drafting started... and I need to work on my IDL course. *sigh* Yet, we're going to Master & Margarita tonight. Oh, and FD's has me closing tomorrow, and working on Tuesday when I might've been drafting. Every night next week I'll be operating the light board in the X, which is exciting 'cause there's a shiny new board with lots of fun submasters and the Golf Ball of Doom. Heh... buttons. Still, that means no time. So, if I'm not updating, plz dun h8.

In other news:
Do me plz.

Also, thank you for transcribing my voice post, stereosymbiosis! XD ♥ You = Winnar.

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