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Weeds 2:10

This was a really intense, shit-goin'-down episode.

I totally knew this marriage would be a bad thing. Also, Peter has a damn foul mouth on him when he angry, by the way. I can't believe he is so mysogenistic about this whole thing? He honestly expects her to give up her everything and let him take care of her.

Shane's little girlfriend's speech was waaaaaaay better than a:
Do You Like Me: [ ] Yes [ ] No

Celia has been such a bitch this episode! First with Elizabeth's money, then the city councel meeting, and FAITH TOTALLY CALLED THE SEX SCENE. I would've but she beat me to it. Anyway, it looked thoroughly unpleasant. Looks like we get more though... and it is the perfect way to get back at Dean.

I AM SO GLAD THEY DISSED THE NEW WILLY WONKA! I mean... I love Johnny Depp... but I really didn't like the new version. It's not even a proper musical, for Pete's sake.

Silas: I'm never getting married. It's death.
Andy: You're too young to reach that conclusion.
Shane: How come you're not married, Uncle Andy?
Andy: 'Cause it's death.

BWAAAAHAHAHAAAAA! This made me lose

Sometimes I forget that Mary Louis-Parker is more than an extremely beautiful face. She is a phenomenal actress, and her versatility in tonights episode alone totally proved it, especially with the ending.

I can't believe there are only two episodes left. Also, is anyone watching Dexter? I'm intruiged and confused? I just caught the second episode, and now I'm going to watch the first and third.

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