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Wait, you mean "Monday" isn't synonymous with "downer"?

My iTunes is depressed today. I keep it on shuffle, but today it's just rattling off every song I've ever considered putting on a sad bastard mix. It's tragic.

Speaking of music and tragedy (ho ho!), it's John Lennon's birthday and I don't think I've ever seen my flist more concerned about it? Did y'all watch U.S. vs John Lennon? 'Cause I totally did. I wasn't really all that impressed with it. I mean, it's definitely a documentary for the devoted fan, and I guess I was just expecting more rabid conspiracy, and less John being a rebel. I really loved seeing him with Yoko though, even though she crazy. They loved each other so entirely...

At any rate, I'm not promising anything, but I think if I have time tonight I might bust out the second round of the Feel Good Mix! Also maaaaybe, just maaaaaybe... a LOST Recap?

For now, let's play a game. I'm going to be leaving for class soon, and I'll need something to entertain me once I get there. I've only got five pictures to edit, and that'll take a whopping 7 minutes. SO!

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