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We got your "carpe diem" right here...

And also, perhaps even a carp?

faithlynnteh_flatmate and I have only just returned from a lovely evening out on the lake. I mean this quite literally. We were on a very mobile, floating pier... out in the midst of a howling, white-cap inducing gale. Also, we downed a bottle of wine... by drinking straight from the bottle while playing the celebrity game the entire time*. We are classy ladies, I tell you what. We are also drunk, but still in control of our faculties. Mostly. By and large.

We also fed a dozen cornbread muffins I jacked from Famous Dave's to about... 7 ducks? We would've fed the seagulls too, but they didn't quite get it. I did see one with a broken leg though, and yet another with only one leg. A monoped, if you will. Sad... and yet they work through their disabilities quite well.

This post is going nowhere. I am just really glad to be drunk, because work sucked a lot. I just hope I can wake up in time for church tomorrow? Right now, I think I'm going to scavange for something to eat... and maybe play some Nintendo.

*The celebrity game involves reciting the name of a celebrity, then taking the first letter from that celebrity's last name... and coming up with the name of another celebrity. Keanu Reeves sprouts Ricky Ricardo who then generates Roberto Cavalli... etc.

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