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So, I was leaping around my kitchen rejoicing that I get to cover Ben Kweller, The Stills, Jack's Manneqin and Panic! at the Disco for sonicreverie. Literally, I've been on a high all day, and I decided that it was a moment to celebrate! I offer to purchase Pizza Luce, reach for my wallet, and my stomach buried itself in my lower intestine.

I lost my wallet. The last time I saw it was at the Theater last night when we went to go see U.S. vs. John Lennon, so I frantically gave them a call... sat through their list of movie show-times twice because I missed the box office number the first time... and then the girl told me she couldn't look at the moment. Asking me to call back in a half an hour. Since the theater is a whopping 10 minutes away from my house, we drove there. I felt sick the whole way, trying to talk myself out of panic. The theater is in one of the richest suburbs in Minneapolis, and is wedged between a Banana Republic, Ralph Lauren, a Goldsmith, and a furniture boutique... it's the least likely place for a wallet to be stolen.

I got there, they checked the office... it wasn't there. They checked in a little cubby filled with dated envelopes, and objects found in the theaters... it wasn't there. I got down to glance in there, and I saw the corner of my wallet sticking out. All the money (about 30$) was gone, but everything else was still there, in its right place.

Now, I am exhausted. No, that's an understatement. Jesus, I feel like I just ran a marathon.

In other news, LOSTNESDAY HATH RETURNETH! I'll be, as always, frolicking merrily over at cleolinda's discussion thread.

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