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Late Night Posting...

Man, I just had a burst of editing inspiration. I've been dreading taking this take-home editing test. The writing is truly awful, and my better instinct tells me that in a "real-world situation," I'd be able to take one look at this writing and chuck it instantly into the nearest paper shredder without a second thought. Unfortunately, we have to take a stab at it... and I was so horrified by the first sentence I couldn't break into the rest of the text. When I did, though... it just started rolling out of me. This is still my first pass, but I'm actually excited to take a fresh look at it tomorrow, make final revisions, and see that it's consistant with Chicago style. I'm not even dreading the mock-query letter or style sheet!

In other news, I hatched a mini-goat! It's so cute! I can't adopt a new egg yet, 'cause the site is currently in teh overload mode... but there's always tomorrow.

*P.S. I totally called it, Bryman.

Shelby out!

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