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Weeds 2:9

Seriously, I am getting super sick of this cover thing. That being said, I kind of liked tonight's. Who did it?

Seriously though, was the guy in Snoop's posse wearing pajamas? Whatever. The main point is that Conrad carried Nancy away over his shoulder.

Dean's giggle makes me squee!

Nancy's spending makes me really very, very nervous. Especially now that Haliegha has their strain. I can't believe she was so cold to Conrad. Girl's got a wicked death stare.

Also, how does life suck when you're lying in a pool in the California sun while wearing designer sunglasses?

Okay, I am really upset with Peter's insistance upon taking down Haliegha. I really hope Nancy fights against it... but judging by the previews for next week, I was totally right about this marriage. It's not going to cause anything but problems. Problems problems problems.

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