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I hate Hump Day...

OH MY GOD, YOU GUYS. I was up until 7 a.m. (and yes, the sunrise was lovely) working on my damn Montage board. I have no idea what posessed me to spend that much time and kick out A-Quality work (seriously, I generally give these kinds of projects my C effort and get A's anyway...), but something did and I am now running on a mere 3 hours of sleep. I REQUIRE COFFEE.

I totally hate that I can't sleep once the day has begun. It's really inconvenient. Also inconvenient? The fact that I'm sick. My eyes are so dry I can't stand to wear my contacts, and the snrrrk has officially taken my nose hostage. I mean it. My TA asked me if I wanted to leave lecture to recooperate. Seeing as I always want to leave lecture, I took my opportunity and ran with it. I'm seriously considering e-mailing Professor Photophile and "recooperating" through that class too. I REQUIRE TLC.

[Insert Giant Tummy-Snarl Here]
I also, apparently, require food. Holy crap. *raids fridge*

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