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god dammit all

i feel like fucking shit. i look like fucking shit. i hate today. i hate the fucking talent show. i hate prom. i hate this weekend. i hate next week and i hate next weekend even more. i hate tomorrow. i hate myself. i feel so....


i'm giving up chocolate. i'm never eating it again. make me fucking break out or something. i hate my parents. they're too bastardly cheap to use the air conditioning that we have available to us so our house is so fucking humid i've been having athsma attacks every single freaking night and i wake up practically in a dew. My face has these stupid little ugly zits breaking out fucking everywhere and i just want to hide. why is it that all these other girls can cope with summer and seasonal changes and i'm just so fucking fucked up?!

i want to disappear.

oh! another thing i'd like to do, is lets see... um die? i'm sick of trying to get ian down here. i've tried so hard, and it's possible now, hopefully might even happen but i'm sick of getting my hopes up for nothing too. i'm also sick of people talking about other people. stupid fucking rumors everywhere. and i'm really fucking sick of people that just give up and let other people tell them what to do, especially when i was really starting to like that person and now i dont even know who they fucking are anymore. i'm just so sick of it all. i want a face wipe. i want a vacation. i want to cry
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