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Weeds 2:7

I don't know if we can let Nic watch this episode.

Seriously, ew. That was a really terrible prosthesis though.

I really love Silas being a big brother. He is such a good big brother, and he was last season too. I'm so glad to hear him come back and be a good brother to Shane. I do feel really bad for Nancy. I can't believe Shane freaked out about the mention of his father. I realize it's a sensative

I can't believe Doug got fucked over by Dean. That's AMAZING. I really wonder what it's going to do in terms of Nancy's business. Does Nancy even know that Dean got canned? I mean, he's still a lawyer but without a firm... how does that work? Someone, please... explain it to me.

So, Andy's little lovergirl's freak out session? Granted, it was totally understandable... but I didn't think she'd have gone that out of the way for him. I never got the impression she was bending the rules, or putting her job in jeopardy. At any rate, I got five bucks down saying he'll go back to school.

I can't believe Conrad is 36? Who saw that coming? Not me?

This is the first time we've seen Nancy smoke pot! I think it's hilarious that they're "watching the grass grow." And I'm totally excited to see Snoop Dogg... and Halia's reaction. Although, I'm afraid of that.

I'm also afraid of Peter's son, 'cause he's a very caustic individual. All I heard when he spoke was, "You're stupid, and ugly, and I hate you! My mom rules! You suck, because you clearly do not know about this lame game! But I rule because I know about walls in France because I am a nerd with issues.

P.S. I will never get laid!"

DISCUSSION Q: What do you think Celia would do if she found out Nancy is dealing?

I personally think, as a mother and someone so desperately in need of a friend, she would change her mind. I think we've seen that Celia is not wholly evil.

I love this show.

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Sep. 26th, 2006 04:42 am (UTC)
What's Dean going to DO? I have no idea what that shit between him and Doug is going to do to the business. And that last scene was really weird, I thought. What's he going to do???? Is he going to have to leave Nancy and everyone?
And it was so weird how in the last scene when Celia turned away, she just didn't close her eyes...it was one of those things where you would normally think "Oh, she knows." But she can't know about Nancy! How would she know about Nancy? But it just seems like she really does. And I do think that now she's all pissy at Nancy for that catfight...she would totally get her in some shit, I'm willing to bet.
And yeah, Silas is a good older brother, but seriously, who is he to be giving relationship advice? He still pisses me off. And the whole "wanting to be in the business" thing...it just reeks of manipulation to me, just like that whole fucking pregnancy thing, you know? Like, he bombed the SATs, and refuses to get a job, just so that he can do what he wants and deal. Just like he purposefully got his girlfriend pregnant so that she would do what he wants and stay with him. Asshole.
Sep. 26th, 2006 05:56 am (UTC)
I really wish Nancy would just tell him it'd be ridiculous for him to want to grow up and be a professional pot dealer. How do you get married and have a family and a good life when you're constantly living below the radar? What do you tell your kids, etc.

I don't think Celia would do that to Nancy. I think Celia genuinely wants to make Doug look bad and get things done. I seriously doubt she even suspects that Nancy deals.
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