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I do not believe it. This is the second Monday in a row I've woken up with a migraine. What the hell? Maybe I'm just allergic to this day and should never be required to do anything on it every again. *hrmph*

MAYBE it wouldn't be so bad if my professors actually had working, accurate syllabi! I have no idea what the hell I'm supposed to be doing or bringing to this class tonight. I think I'm ready to officially label Visual Journalism my least favorite class, which sucks because I was super excited for it.

As you can tell, I am still very cross. My parents called me last night-- well, my Father left me a message last night and my mother ambushed me when I called back. Evidently, she simply couldn't resist; although I stated quite clearly that I did not, and do not wish to speak to her. She, however, had "serious concerns" about my "financial misconceptions and responsibilities." Basically, she's upset because I set up a savings account yesterday and changed the address on my account. As a "courtesy call" TCF then called my home number, and told my parents about it [in case of identity theft, I guess... but they told two people who are most emphatically NOT the person whose name is on the account, even though the person presented two valid forms of ID at the... whatever. It just seems dumb.] and my mother is displeased. I'm really displeased because I wanted to have a little bit of cash that my mother wouldn't know anything about, because she'll want me to put it toward bills or something so she won't have to send me the monthly amount we agreed on years ago. I want to have a little emergency fund so I don't necessarily have to rely on my credit card, god forbid might be able to save a little chunk of change, AND because I know from experience that when shit hits the fan, she won't help me. She hasn't in the past, so what reason do I have to believe her when she invites me to think of her as a "security blanket" to catch me if shit goes wrong? Right. The day that actually happens I'll be laughing in my grave, 'cause I'll be dead. I believe ending up in the emergency room qualifies as "shit going wrong." I also remember distinct dents in my own checking account because Little Miss Helpful didn't feel it was her duty to help, since it was clearly my fault my kidney almost failed. Whatever.

I really want to cut my hair. I am going to do it this week, and hopefully sooner than later. The more I wait, the more I'm tempted to go crazy with it again.


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