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good specialness.

well well well...may i just say that...

Parents Suck! </font></font></font>

yeah, so i have too much fun with the marquee. screw off. i'm in a really foul mood. ACT's kind of blew, and i think i'm still drained from them mentally. At least mr. CRAPP is being semi-human. maybe he removed the stick from his ass to clean it. maybe my mother should try that. god!

If I were in a movie, I'd be an advice-giving friend!

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jeezuz. the plan would have went freaking PERFECTLY if it wasnt for my mother and her miserly ways. Everything would go fine if I could just go pick him up. For fuck's sake i'd take a friend! I wouldnt be alone! and i'd pay for the fuggin gas! because i'm still a baby and i cant do anything without my mother watching over me like a hawk. She doesnt even want me going anywhere after prom. She's like, "You and you're friends come here or you arent going anywhere at all!" and just to prove she's even more paranoid, she's going to hide all the old nasty booze on our bar that's been there since freakin 1956. i'm so close to telling her to fuck off... </font></font>

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i maintain that the 80's were a mistake.
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