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Give me ravioli or give me death.

OMFG, GUYS. I AM SO HUNGRY. It really didn't hit me until the middle of my four hour costume lab that I only ate once today, and Thursdays are long days. I need calories in my mouth, now. I REQUIRE FOODING.

I have spinach and mozzerella ravioli boiling on the stove, and no spinach comments! This is cooked spinach, and it has been frozen for quite some time. At any rate, I am hungry. Seriously, I don't know if I can wait for it to be done. I might have to eat dessert first and devour my carmelled apple.

I have, however, just invented the best game in the world, omg. It's called "Slippery Pants." The basic premise is you wait until faithlynnteh_flatmate puts on her slippery pants, sits at her computer to do homework, and then you push her off the chair in whatever direction inspires you (mostly forward and under the table). It's a riotously good time, guys.

I do, however, need to return to my pimping!
  • Do you remember when I linked you guys to _fitterhappier's music blog? Well, I figured it would be easier to remember and keep track of if it were syndicated and fed to us via our f-lists! Voila! I give thee sinisterity!
  • If you love music like I do, then the more the merrier. notashamed has a music blog and earth-shatteringly good taste. Check it out! happinessbus
  • I would also like to take this opportunity to point out that notashamed is multi-talented, and has created many-a lovely mood theme, as well as some of my all-time favorite icons. All of which can be found at greeneyedicons.
  • Seriously, she just rules all around. notashamed, FTW!

And now, FOOD!

ETA: Happy Birthday,splits_thesky! *throws confetti*

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