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Weeds 2:6

This was my least favorite cover yet.

I cannot believe that he left his cell phone on... but he's still adorable. Hopeless, and always stoned, but he's adorable.

I seriously think "No back-seat, no problem" is the best quote ever. Silas still worries me, but I'm really glad that he made a step toward getting closer to Nancy. I really want them to be a family, and be close.

I love that Isabelle went to Doug. She's mildly hilarious, but I'm worried about what this will spark Celia to do. She is so determined to have things her way, I don't think there's anything she wouldn't do.

Andy... has taken his crush too far? I guess she does have a good point when she says he won't stand up for himself. I really thought he would've patently refused. He doesn't even really want to date this girl, does he? He just wants to have sex with her, right?

Shane's crush? Absolutely adorable. I wish someone was that enticed by my crooked teeth, and/or public tooth-picking habits. Wouldn't that be lovely?

Also, I keep thinking that Nancy is screwing herself. What if Peter gets jealous? What if one of his coworkers researches Nancy? Just becaues Peter can't be forced to testify, that doesn't mean anyone else can't, and I really don't think she's running too tight a ship.

What do you guys think?

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