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Aye be dedicated to me cause...

Arg, this morn I woke after a frightful dream. faithlynnteh_firstmate and aye were in a museum of sorts, learning about how to best to plunder booty under the American Government, but we had to leave our satchells outside the door. The guards were afraid of terrorists, but when we came out our bags had been pillaged. A bilge-sucking blaggart looted my cell phone and my iPod, and replaced my iPod with a mutilated version thereof... and the only song it would play be "Jenny from tha Block."

So when I awoke, I tried to rid myself of the demons by shouting, "I'M STILL JENNY FROM THE BLOCK." at faithlynnteh_firstmate, who was in the Captain's cabin at the time. Now, faithlynnteh_firstmate be an understanding lass, and replied, "Whatever." Nay, random outbursts do not blow her down. No sir. However, when I swaggered of my cot and said, "Don't be fooled by the rocks that I got." she definitely lost her shit a little bit.

We be made of win.

Anyhow, I be feelin' a bit guilty about having taken so long to give ye the booty ye asked for, so you all get your lurv pirate style.

rhapsody, arrr ye be a siren! Musical temptress, o'er the lj sea! Ye're a fine crew member, and a stout friend all around. Always good for conversation, comments, and ye keep things lively. Ye always be in high spirits. Though ye be newer to my crew, you've defintely earned yer stripes quickly. I am proud to call ye my companion, and I'll gladly keep me eyes on the horizon for more.

sixteenthnote, Begad! Shiver me timbers! I owe ye a debt of gratitude, mate. Whene'er I be down in the bilges, ye're always there to throw me a line. Aye, I think perhaps your high spirits could frighten away all the bad luck in the world. Ye keep my ship afloat, and I'm always glad to hear from ye. I hope we sail the seven seas for years to come.

mattador, Aye, here be a develish scallywag if mine eyes ever saw one. He's got a large hat, and a fine flow with ladies on every shore. He be equipped with a wicked sense of humor, and could leave ye in stitches. He also has a fine talent with the quill, aye. Aft I met him, and he departed on his own voyage I hoped we would keep in touch, for he be a bastion of camaraderie! Ye has bailed my ship many-a time, and I thank ye. I will gladly lend ye an arm and a bucket if ye ever need. Let's go on a voyage again sometime soon, eh? (ENG, REPRESENT.)

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