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I see they'll come a day when the joke's on YOU!!

I'm the Original Prankster . . .

sweet dude...I got an imported Offspring CD from Australia for 3 bucks! and it's so awesome! Man... i love dexter holland. i could have his bastard love child. sigh I mean hell... check out this line up!

Original Prankster! . Dammit, I Changed Again . Come Out Swinging . Gone Away[live] . Staring At The Sun[live]


dude. speaking of woo...ian might actually be coming down for prom. wooo! his dad'll bring him to the border at pigeon river, and if alyssa or amanda can drive me, or if my mom'll let me have the car.... DUDE! it so could work. ` dances yay!

my page is cool now.
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