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Renegade Rabbit says:

About a week ago, my professors were being horribly inconsiderate, and I drew a comic. I told y'all I'd put it up here... and here it is. As an introduction, Renegade Rabbit is kind of my alter-ego. He says all the things I cannot.

1st frame: Renegade Rabbit just can't begin to care.
2nd frame: (Collaboration involves communication!) THANKS, Captain Obvious!
3rd fame: Renegade Rabbit speaks: Listen, buddy. We are not here for the [Professor's Name] expo! If you don't have anything of educational import to say, at least acknowledge that you're wasting our time!

Srry, it's in pencil. I know that doesn't photograph the best. Anyway... there you have it! I always make good on my promises, y'all.

Coming up next: Nieghborhood picpam and Requested photos!
Coming up after that: Wrappin up the Lurv meme! Sorry it's taken so long...

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