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Bon soir, mon cheri...

Gooooood Morning! Hoe-lee crap, y'all. I just woke up like, an hour ago... and granted, I was up until 3 a.m. sipping tea, knitting, watching FotR, and taking shots of NyQuil in an attempt to get my head to clear, but I was out. I woke up thinking something about how it must be 10 o'clock and isn't it lovely that I have so much time to myself before I go to work tonight... and no. No I have until 6, at which point I continue to "train the new guy." Training, minus the free food, kind of sucks for me because I can't be doing my homework in my downtime, which I was kind of counting on. Ah well, at least I'm not physically exhausted anymore.

Seriously though, watching FotR made me re-realize how much I absolutely love LotR. Nevertheless, Mt. Doom is totally the lamest name ever. C'mon. Tolkien can come up with entirely new languages, but he can't come up with a good name for the site of teh ev0l?

Whatever. I feel like Bilbo... "thin, like butter stretched over too much bread." I need a break. I need a day, just a single day to myself. I didn't have one last week, I haven't had one this week, and I wont have one next. It's taking its toll on me. Health-wise, I just can't seem to get better. Mentally, I feel restless and caged. Emotionally, I feel stressed but drained. I don't want to be running on empty at the beginning of the semester, but I have literally no time to refuel. As it stands, I feel like a shell of myself.

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