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Mrrrrrf. Someone please, please peel me up off the floor and convince me I'm alive. I'm too tired to really move. I think I'm made of jello. You may need a spatula.

Today has been, without doubt, the longest Friday ever. I don't even know what to do with myself. All my regular "relaxing" activities, i.e. playing Sims or SMB3, reading quality literature while sipping red wine, knitting whilst watching Harry Potter(or LOTR with the cast commentary on)... seem like so much work. I think I might try crawling over to the coffee machine and pray before it, begging for a second wind.

Until then, memes make the world go round, and may even put a little hop in my hobble. So all y'all should go over to ack_attack's lj, and rock the me back to life at the you are the ____ to my ____ meme!

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