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Hate to say I told you so...

kpachayagolobka just linked me to this: Jealous Girlfriend Held in Murder Plot.

Seriously, and y'all wonder why I will not get one of those freaking things. This woman saw a picture of another woman on her boyfriend's profile, went crazygonuts with jealousy, and tried to put a hit on her. That is so disturbing, I can't even tell you. Also, I don't know where the hell this bitch is from, but where I live it'd take way more than $500 to get some poor schmuck to risk death row for you. Eesh. I told you MySpace was a spawning ground for evil! First pedophilia, then abudctions, and now conspiracy to commit murder? No thanks. I'll stick with facebook. We've got "privacy controls" over there.

Oh, by the way, now that you're afraid of strangers online... yamapea is having a friending meme!

ETA: To all of you who participated in the cereal poll, I friggen love you guys. I just about lost my shit with happy, oh my freakin' Lord.

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