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General Mills pwns my taste-buds.

Man! Last night I went grocery shopping, and when I was at the store I thought I should get some "morning food." I don't call it breakfast food, beause I don't do breakfast. I cannot eat until after noon, I don't know why. So, I was thinking about food that is generally eaten in the morning, and cereal was on sale, so I grabbed a box of Honey Nut Cheerios. We haven't had cereal in a few months. It's safe. It's easy. No big thing.

EXCEPT HOLY MOTHER OF GOD, THESE THINGS ARE FREAKING DELICIOUS! I seriously savored the entire bowl. What the hell? I don't even understand why my reaction was that strong, but the crunch! The sweet! The grain! The nut! It's almost too perfect. I even drank the milk, which is something I never do.

I think this is the perfect opportunity to include a useless poll.
Poll #820836 What's the story, Morning Glory?

What's your favorite kind of cereal?

Do you drink your milk?

What? Ew, no!

Also, I've kind of fallen woefully behind on giving those of you who commented on the Lurv Meme your due comeuppance. I sincerely apologize.

kpachayagolobka, I cannot spell your username for shit! Whatever, I love you anyway! Totally, I was even thinking about asking you to marry me on Facebook the other day. I'm so glad we met, because you've become one of my closest friends. We even have the same love problems! I really trust the hell out of you, and I feel like if there's ever anything wrong you'll totally be there for me, and I am more than willing to do the same. It seems bizarre to me that we've never met in RL, but hopefully with your new job we will, eh? You are so dear to me. For serious. ♥

notashamed, I found you through your icons which are still by far my favorites. When I look through my folders of saved icons, about half are yours. It took me a long time to get up the balls to friend you, but I'm so glad I did because you are made of awesome. I think it's crazy that we live this close and haven't actually met yet, because WE TOTALLY SHOULD. Super Mario Brothers 3 awaits us! SO MUCH FUN. Your fandoms rock my socks, you let out my inner caps-lock demon, and I totally think you're one of the coolest people I've ever known.

truffle_shuffle, Hi! I can't believe we haven't been friends longer, but this seems like a fun match. I love your taste in music, and you have a marvelous repertoire of icons with which we could converse until all hours of the morning, ha ha ha! Seriously, I'm really looking forward to reading your livejournal for a long time to come. I'm so glad to find another fellow Weeds fan, and I am finding myself continually jealous of your Nancy icons. I love doing memes with you, and I really think you're a very sweet person. I see a great friendship on the horizon. :)

mouseykins1, oh my lord, where to begin? Why not with fandoms, because I love hearing you talk about our fellow fandoms. LOST, HP, PotC... you've always got the coolest memes and seem to always be in the know. You and your icons crack me up, and your memes always keeep me entertained. Also, you love my man Hunter S. Thompson, which makes you an amazing person in my book. ♥. In short, you rock the casbah in all directions.

Alright, and rhapsody, sixteenthnote, and mattador are getting showered with love tomorrow. Get ready, you guys.

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