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Weeds 2:5

Tonight was a great night for television. First, my flatmate's father took on Bill Motherfucking O'Reilly, and - all things considered, did a very formidable job. It's often hard to get a word in edgewise with that asshat. There really is no other word.

Anyway, onto Weeds! I friggen love this show.

Silas is still such an ass. I can't believe how he talked to his mother about the pregnancy. If I were Nancy, and granted I would've been stressed out of my mind at that point, I would have smacked him. Hard.

A lot of this was an "I called it" situation. I figured Nancy was going to get her new hubby to take care of her competition... and I was right. His anger was lovely, because it made me doubt... but it was wonderful. I just really hope Andy didn't ruin all of their plants. I have a feeling Conrad might kill him... or that Nancy may inherit the confiscated Armenian weed.

I feel horrible for Meagan. I had a feeling that an abortion was in the near future, and why not? The show has done everything else. Still, I want her to be able to express herself. Also, I really, really want Silas to admit to having intentionally sabotaged the condoms and get what is due. Maybe the emotional anguish will be enough, but I am not satisfied yet.

The girlfight between Nancy and Celia rocked my socks off. I have always really loved the dynamic between the two of them, and it's clear that they both need significant amounts of help. God! I'm so interested in this damn show!

Anyway, the question for this episode: Did the principle scare the crap out of anyone else? 'Cause I was horrified. I would like to believe that people like him aren't in charge of teaching and disciplining children.

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