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Ride the love train!

WHOROSCOPE:: Today is the day to introduce your craziest ideas to the world. Call up a friend.

Haha! Get ready, bitches! It's on now!

Seriously though, I know some of you have wanted to actually talk talk, so I created a poll (don't worry, it's private and no one else will see it) and I will take down your #s, put them in my phone, and give you a ring sometime in the near future. I have to close tonight, so there may be a distinct lack of "crazy idea talk" on this, the day of acceptable madness. Alas. Well, no worries. There's always tomorrow, and believe me, I'm not getting any more sane.

Poll #817966 Telephonic invasion!

Wanna chat? Throw me your number!

Anyway, I'm back to continue spreading the f-listy love from the Lurv Meme:

green_queen! It certainly is not easy being green, and the two of us have the greenest layouts since green was invented(mine is distinctly less sexy, however, as it does not include Dom.). We share a fair few friends, which is how I found you, and I'm so glad I did! I've only had you on my flist for all of two weeks, srsly, and every time I see a post I get happy. Your fandoms rock my socks, the daily Dom & extensive picspams raises my pulse, and you never fail to make me at least giggle. I am seriously so glad you're on my flist. You like the tee vee! We have the same marriage is love banner, and you're an Aussie, yeah? You make me laugh, you keep me informed, and I'm super excited to get to know more about you.

promiseoftin, omg hi Melissa! How's your tooth? I love reading your entrie getting your little inside the music scene posts. Ugh, you have the job I sort of want! I want to be an ARTS journalist, and here you are doing it. Part of me wants to beg you for tips, for advice, for tickets. I am so jealous sometimes, because not only do you have a killer taste in music, but you also get to chill with the musicians! Also, our little conversations on AIM always cheer me up. Last night for instance... Basically, yew are so kewl I almost can't stand it. ♥ [By the way, do you love Keane, or do you not? I must know!]

sbryan, BRYMAN! Come back from Cleveland, I command it! It has warped your brain, I can tell. You're not online as much, you never update your lj, and we still haven't found a way to play long distance SMB3! This is unacceptable, I tell you. Seriously though, Faith and I miss you lots. It's just not quite the same around here without our friendly, neighborhood physicist coming around to reassure me that the earth isn't about to be flung into the sun. This is me with a sad face because you're gone. :(

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