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Move Speak: The Illusionist

Tonight's study: the Illusionist. I really enjoyed the film, and I'm fully prepared to write about it in detail, but before I cut for spoilers, I must let one slide.

Rufus Sewell looked like a goddamn fool. His mustache was so bad. Ed Norton almost pulled his face-carpet off, but the hair color was all wrong and it just didn't look right. Facial hair was all I could think about for the first 10 minutes. It was horrible and horribly distracting. That being said, I shall move on to bigger and better things.

The design of the movie was beautiful. The costumes were hot and I would like to iterate that I firmly believe all men should wear long, tailored coats. The set was flamboyant and insane at some points, but always astonishingly brilliant and gorgeous. For example, within the hunting lodge there was a hall filled with mounted heads and antlers. There was not an empty space to be seen. It was ominous, and served very well as the harbinger of distinctly bad happenings.

Some of the acting could have been better, and accents went a little wonky now and again. There were a few times I actually rolled my eyes, mostly in the youthful backstory segments. I was pleasantly surprised, however, when I was not either completely repulsed or bemused by Jessica Biel. I was extremely amused with the random Asian guys with Magic-In-A-Box and a Vow of Extreme Secrecy. I almost laughed out loud when they busted out the orient. I was waiting for it ever since they said he'd been to China in the very beginning of the movie.

I saw a lot of the movie coming, except for the end end, which I thoroughly enjoyed as a pleasantly mild mindfuck. Still, the second they mentioned his highness had gone and shoved his last lover off a balcony I knew Biel was going to die. I knew after Eisenhiem started summoning "ghosts" that she'd turn up and vaguely insinuate that the crown prince had murdered her. I knew the police cheif would stand up for what was right, and have either a gun or an extremely pointy metal object brandished at him. I also knew that the crown prince was going to commit suicide after he didn't just shoot Uhl and try to flee, because that's what any determined swine would have done.

But the Illusion! The final illusion, where it wasn't all what it seemed and Eisenhiem was a mastermind who got to disappear with his pretty little blue blood lovah... I didn't see that and I was glad for it. I enoyed the whole, Romeo & Juliet "death sleep potion" bit, and how our two lovebirds didn't end up dying in tragedy and woe for the righteous cause. All in all, a good love story and an enjoyable flick.

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