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Project Runway 3:7 - In Paris!

Being pregnant is no excuse for not being clothes on national television. Go shopping for some maternity clothes, dude. Thx. Also, please... for the love of God, put your make-up back on.

So um... this challenge is just mean. Couture takes forever. Couture designers take weeks and months on pieces. I really thought it was cruel. Speaking of mean... everyone but Michael is being a bitch this episode.

I also didn't like that we didn't see any of the gowns before the "party" besides Laura's, Vincent's, and Michaels. I was really scared for Micheal. I thought Jeffrey was basically insane for choosing cotton plaid. Too cocky from the win, methinks. Also, I have no idea why Tim didn't enjoy Kayne's garment. I thought it was beaaaautiful.

Also, who the hell throws eggs at people? Let alone people in couture gowns? Seriously.

I love, love, love Kayne's gown. I want that corset. I want it nowomfg.

Heidi looked super cute today.

Teh runway:
- Kayne's dress was totally my favorite. It looks good on everyone!
- It sucks for Laura that her collar got crushed, but all it needed was some Aquanet. Seriously. Anyway, it was still boring. I liked it a lot more when it was in Paris, but she should have at least tried to perk it up.
- Uli's dress kind of was reminiscent of Santino.
- Jeffrey's structure doesn't make sense to me. It confuses me, and it's yellow. and plaid.
- Vincent's dress looks like a really ugly loveseat. I want to punch it, and him.
- Michael's dress wasn't awful, in my mind, but when they tucked under the little boobie cups, it was lovely!

I feel sooooooo bad for Uli. I think she deserved it more than Jeffrey. She hasn't won yet, has she? Whatever, Jeff got his wish. Plaid won! (EW, OMG.)

Whatever, the point is:

Vincent's finally gone!!! I think I can finally breathe, and enjoy this show again. I can die happy knowing I never have to hear him say "got me off" ever, ever again. I screamed when they let him have one last run with it.

Is anyone else getting the impression that babymomma's kind of losing her drive to win?

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