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Fuck! I cannot say it enough. FUCK.

My computer's ethernet port died today. It no longer works, and I have no idea why. Last night when I went to sleep it was A-the fuck-O.K. and now it looks like one of the tines got bent in there somehow, the whole thing has been loose for as long as I can remember, and it won't connect.

Second day of school, and I have TWO IDL courses running that require internet access, besides the standard amount of research I'm going to have to do for my journalism and theater courses. I am a mess right now. I am freaking out, because I really wanted to get a leg up on this semester, and I'm already being thrown a gigantic wrench.

As if that wasn't bad enough, and knowing that repair takes up to a week...I call Gateway and they won't even talk to me because my warranty has expired. Never you mind that I have an extended parts warranty, and an exploding, motherboard eating, laptop that breaks at least twice a year and has caused me all manner of torment and despair, but now...they will NOT talk to me and help me set up a time to send the computer in. They directed me to a $2.50 a minute automated phone number, that could not even set me up with what I need. Gateway basically just told me to go fuck myself. It doesn't even matter that I have the parts warranty because I can't fucking talk to a HUMAN that will send me what I need and let me pay more money to get it actually installed.

I am furious. I am devastated. I am terrified of this semester and the fact that I have NO MONEY right now to get this fixed in a timely fashion. My only real hope is that we can get our wireless working, which I seriously doubt will ever happen because we've tried, and tried, and it has never worked.

I was going to write my two online discussion essays for LAoJ today between classes, but instead I was being told to fuck off and deal wth my shitty computer by various "Customer Service Agents" and finally by my own mother.

Fuck. I guess I better get used to Faith's plastic keyboard of doom. I swear, this fucking thing hates me too.

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