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Weeds 2:4

Jesus, I am jealous of Mary-Louise Parker's legs. I am a 21-year-old girl, and I am jealous of an 42-year-old's legs. Twice my age, better legs... Good Lord.

Celia told her daughter to get an eating disorder. Her husband gets fired and she says, "how could you do this for me?"

Andy took his 13-year-old nephew to a goddamn whorehouse.

Also, when Nancy said "let's do something exciting," shooting handguns isn't exactly what I was thinking. I was thinking intense sexual interaction. It is Showtime, after all.

I love Nancy's response to the baklava. She's totally going to rat out the competition to her hubby, and that's totally brilliant and also very, very dangerous.

This weeks question: Do you think Meagan is happy about the decision to keep the baby? 'Cause I don't. I'm betting on a secret abortion.

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