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omg, intarnets!

Holy crap! It just appeared! It's magic!

Jesus, y'all...
I miss you!

I am seriously dying without my daily dose of f-list! I'm so glad it seems to have returned, but in all likelihood it'll crap out for the rest of the the night and all of tomorrow any second now. *knocks on wood*

In other news, it means I've been ridiculously productive. But that's boring... so we aren't going to waste precious intarnet time on such talk.

Yesterday I knitted some more of Faith's Gryffindor scarf while we watched PoA, and I've determined that it is is still simultaneously my favorite and least favorite film. Watching it with me is kind of a gamble, because you can never tell if or when I'm going to start shouting obscenities about artistic license and how it's gone too far, or just how much I really, really hate Steve Kloves. Arg. Normally I'm a very placid movie viewer, with moments of giddy flailing and occasional groans of pleasure. *wink*

Anyway, the film stirred up a few thoughts in my brain, and I have a fandom Q or two for yew:

HP Question(s) of the Month:
Canon Q: Neville doesn't create desired results often, but Seamus has blown shit up real good on more than one occasion, so why don't they call him squibbish or tease him for being "hopeless"? Discuss.

Movie Q: Shrunken heads on the wherever... Do you hate them or love them? 'Cause I want to punch 'em out, then take them by the hair, whip them around like a wrinkly garden gnome, fling 'em around for awhile, and let them fly screaming out into the great beyond.

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