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Oh, precious internet...

It's going to let me on for a little while, it seems.

Anyway, it's my day off... aaaand I'm sick. So I figured we could play a little game I thought up last night. It's called "I've had that!" It starts with me describing my symptoms, and you tell me if you have suffered similarly in the past and what you where diagnosed with! If you're feeling particularly ambitious you can even comment and describe the treatment! Won't this be fun?

So... I've got swollen glands in my throat, lots of neck muscle tension and pain (especially right up by the top of my neck), mild to moderate phlegm drainage, a headache(probably from the tension), really sensitive skin (seriously, I don't know, it just is liek OW when it's touched), the left side of my neck, from under my jaw to my collar bone is really tender, swollen, and ouchie, I've got a bit of pain in my left ear, and I have been having a lot of difficulty sleeping. So! You tell me...

Poll #812739 I've had that!

Do these symptoms ring a bell?

No, and thank heavens.

If yes, what did you have?

Let's play!

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