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bloody hell.

bwa ha ha? wow. i havent written in here for forever. I guess i have an excuse. like...uh...i've been gone. anyway...florida was awesome. i wanna go back so bad. No parents, no expectations, no rules that i couldnt deal with. A week with ellie and amanda and christina? I'd do it again in an instant. provided of course i had the money and my parents would freakin LET ME. yeah... i'm in a grumpy mood. and i'll tell you why!

I'm Weekend Update Jimmy!

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You are Weekend Update Jimmy!
"Hoping to get people to go to museums again, New York City has started a new ad campaign called "I Love New York Culture." But if they want me to go back to museums, they should name the campaign "Sorry We Yelled At You For Touching Stuff, Jimmy Fallon." "

no that isnt why i'm in a bad mood. i was planning to go to canada with alyssa over spring break, which we are currently in. she took off work, her sister Crystal was going to come with us, we would stay in a hotel two nights or something...i could suprise the hell out of ian, give him his birthday present and stuff. and my dad tells me he wont let me because it isn't "practical". When before, they told me i should go up there during spring break... and then they said, "not without an adult". and now... it's spring break... crystal is an adult... ...and they still wont let me go... ...damn i hate liars...

I'm Joey Tribbiani from Friends!

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i've never even watched that show...

I'm so like Bart!

I'm Bart, who are you? by Lexi
or this one come to think of it.

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it's a little bit funny...this feeling inside...hah!

that test was retarded.

i just wish i could go. i earned it. and i met all of his requirements. gawd...

i dont know how much longer ian and i will last otherwise. i havent talked to him in two days...and even though his dad was joking, it still really hurt to hear him say, "oh he's just running around with some canadian broad." but then again, he doesnt know what happened before. i dont think so anyway, otherwise i dont think he'd say it. but, ian never calls me, and i really feel taken for granted. i feel like, it's just all on me. and he's just with me because he's afraid to be alone. i dont want to think like that, but he doesnt make any effort to prove what he says. and even though he says he loves me, that doesnt coincide with the things that he does. and it almost appears that he says it because it sounds like the right thing to say. i have to confront him about it sometime. i'm kind of afraid to. and i dont think i'll find a better time. things keep getting consistantly worse. joy.

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yeah...kyia isnt getting along with her mom. and, it's having a really negative affect on her. i'm worried about her. i'm not getting along with my parents. then again, when am i? My aunt isn't doing so hot...foxy is being an ass. so are a lot of people lately. ` sigh. i dont know. i just want to get this thing between me and ian settled. i'm not going to keep doing this one way street relationship thing. this could be all jons fault too. he had to put in doubt.

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