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An Open Letter to the Sand Man

Dear Sand Man,

Where have you gone? I haven't seen you these past few nights, and I'm starting to worry. Did you get lost in transit? Did you get captured by the pirate ship Insomnia? Did you overdose on your own merch?

I'm writing because I'm starting to worry for my own sake. You see, the lack of proper rest has been creating some tension in my life. I haven't been feeling well and have grown very cross over the past two days. That being said, if I find out you've just been playing hookie all this time, I might have to strangle your punk-ass. Get to work, you lazy no-account.

Blinky McYawnerson

P.S. Plz, step on it, will you? Seriously, I'm tired and I want to sleep. I don't mean to sound pushy, but at this point I think you owe it to me.

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