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The Pros and Cons of the FD

So, lately I've gotten back in the swing of sticking around for the Open Blues Jam on Sunday nights, just because I've been working them or wanting to hang out with Adam or whatever. Sunday nights we have all the cool managers on, and it's generally really laid back. I don't mind working Sundays, and in all honesty, it's basically free money.

Tonight's show was pretty amazing all around. We got there right as the house band and Moses Oakland got off for a break, and they started taking jammers after we sat down. I only disliked two jammers up there, and then Big John Dickerson showed up and rocked my face right off. Also, he gave me a kiss on the cheek when I came to talk to him, and that makes me feel like win.

He comes to the jam every now and again, and he always brings the house down and into the basement, y'all. Papa D is his bass player, and also plays in the house band with Moses. So he just jumped up with his friend Chris, who I think must be part of the Big John Dickerson Show... but they did Soul Man, and their personalities, and their voices... and they're just such charming, old men! I seriously want to adopt John as my grandpa. If you live in the area, come down to the FD on the 23rd of September, because he'll be playing there and it'll be phenomenal. Garaunteed.

Adam has been rockin' it out lately, and he certainly did tonight. He got a new guitar, and I think he feels more comfortable with it because he plays better and seems less uptight on stage. He's still got a ways to go in terms of stage performance, but he's got the music down pat. Tonight he got to solo with Big John during the song "Something is Wrong with my Baby", and he owned it. I almost developed a crush on him for a minute, because I have a horrible fixation with musicians. I generally stick to pianists, and I'll get to that in a moment, but right now I need to write about my friend. Adam busted out his new flugal horn tonight too, which was pretty cool. Odd, but cool. He's actually pretty good on trumpet(which he also played), and I'm bummed that we didn't really get to hear him show it tonight because of key complications(the dreaded E. *shudder*). The songs he could've had fun with were bogarted by a brutally bad trumpet jammer. I wanted to yank his horn out of his hand and be like, bitch plz, I'm playing for you now. Get off the stage. I may be out of practice, but I promise you, it would've been better than constant fracking and being so flat he was in the wrong freaking key. Still, Adam rocked out all of his solos. I'm considering going out to Delano to hear him play on whatever night they have their blues jam... apparently he goes out there with Jason and Truth and the whole gang. I just don't want to seem like a groupie fangirl, 'cause I'm totally not. No rly. Shut up.

Speaking of Truth, damn. I knew the man could play keys, but tonight he sang and blew my mind into next Tuesday. I got chills, and I may have fallen kinda in love. He is an attractive older man. I generally stick to guys my own age - admittedly at my own peril, but every now and again I am struck with awe and appreciation for an older gentlman. Truth is one of those guys. Tonight we talked about bunnies, I kid you not. We even boogied a little bit, just being silly. Seriously, he's a fun guy. I'm not like, tryin' to "hit that" or anything, so don't let your imaginations run away with you. I'm just saying, amazing human being and talented musician. I likey.

Anyway, it's evenings like these that make me really glad I work there. It's pretty awesome, and I get paid a lot to do basically nothing. I answer phones, put lids on things, deal with customers, and listen to live music for free. It's not too shabby.

Alrighty. Moving on.

HOWEVA! Earlier today when I was at work we were playing the Bob Dylan Mix CD I have, and this ditz hostess comes up and says - and I'm quoting:

"Oh hey, I really like this kind of music! Who is this?"

I seriously couldn't answer her; Amanda had to do it for me. I don't care who you are. Everyone knows what Bob Dylan sounds like. If you grew up in America, and have spent a few hours of your life around a college campus and/or a hippie, you've heard Bob Dylan. Christ, I still can't get over it. It's Bob Motherfucking Dylan. He's pretty damn distinctive. No, fuck you. You know who Bob Dylan is, and you know what he sounds like. I'm sorry. I'm a music buff and I get cranky when people are stupid.

Speaking of stupid, our newest hostess is totally racist and I kinda want to get her fired! I didn't like her the first time I saw her, which was when she came to work wearing a t-shirt that had a cartoon image of a bound, decapitated, topless woman stretching across her breasts, with a blonde head on her hip. I thought it was tasteless and inappropriate for a job interview, and now I find out she's been shooting her mouth off about the cooks! She said to me, and again I'm quoting because I'm a journalist, it's what I do:

"Ugh! That stupid spic cook keeps trying to hug me."

I was shocked. I turned to her and I told her flat out to never, ever say that shit to me again. It will not be received well, and I will call her out on it. According to ditz!hostess, she uses the term liberally, as well as "wetback" and "dirty fucking Mexican." She assumes that any latino person in the kitchen is an illegal immigrant from Mexico, which is absolute bullshit.

A) None of them are Mexican. The majority are Ecuadorian and Venezuelan.
B) All of them are legal, naturalized immigrants... contributing to our economy, political process, and loving this country.

Yeah. What. the. fuck. Initially, she was hired to work in take out like I do, but she's hostessing instead because she doesn't want to work "back there." I'm almost glad just for my sake, but it's completely unacceptable. Amanda was visibly upset when she heard her say those things, because she and I are friends with a lot of the cooks. I can't even comprehend that kind of blind hatred. It makes me sad, because I know it's out there and I don't see why.

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