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I'm in a dust cloud of stars, feet, and fists.

This title could so totally be a lyric in an emo indie-rock song.

Anyway... So I'm playing the Sims on faithlynnthe_flatmate's computer, and I always play under our house and our characters. She has, over the course of some time, created other characters such as Sirius, Remus, and Harry Potter. Now, this was really cool and dorky until about five minutes ago, when Remus and Harry came over. A long time ago, my Sim and Faith's Sim decided they were in love with each other. Along the way, diverse and sundry other people have fallen in love with one or both of us, and today's victim was Remus. I had to frantically stop my Sim from slapping him, and then frantically switch back to stop Faith from being kissed. It didn't stop there.

Now. This all was a first for me, so I'm still having some problems digesting it. I'm sitting there, trying to stop the love fest and get Remus out the door when he asked Faith to move in with him. Oh hell no, I hear you say. I want to iterate that Faith is a wonderful person and I'm not saying it couldn't happen because she is very lovely, but it couldn't happen because Remus is so clearly made for and in love with Sirius.

Anyway, that was more than my Sim could handle. Shelby pounced on and punched Remus and now we are dukin' it out in the kitchen. Oy.

- indilime posted a link to this hilarious take on Pluto's removal from the solar system hours ago, and I'm still laughing at it.

- VOX layouts are emigrating to paid el jay users, and I almost thought I would admit to liking some of them, until I saw "Scribble Dog Shelby" because I am most emphatically not a pug, thanks verreh much.

- The NY Times found the only woman in America capable of finding no humor in Tom Cruise's dismissal from Paramount. Way to go guys. An Op-Ed Entertainment column that actually made me snore.

- Omg, wine! I sometimes forget how much I love curling up with a book and a glass of red wine.


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