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Fools and Good Samaritans don't mix.

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So, shortly after I made this voice post and it stopped raining, I felt vaguely confident that people would see me if I went out and stood by the side of the road and offered some helpful hints on how to avoid ruining their cars. Most people listened and took my advice with glad thanks, a couple people I talked had actually been stuck on Humboldt or lost a car altogether some time previously [why they keep trying to drive down it after a deluge, I will never understand...], and few idiots proclaimed excitedly that the flood was why they came!

Oh, and that guy did crack his engine block, by the way. They're towing him away now. The SAAB is back where it belongs, and daylight has returned. All is well for now.

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Tags: how's the weather?, humboldt abode, liek duh, local news, wtf
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