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Doom doth approach... eth.

Um... what happened to my sky?

It was bland and overcast, and now it is furious. I mean, it's 6:30 and it's almost black outside. These clouds aren't fuckin' around. There's gale-force wind, and I'm almost convinced that one of these branches is going to come through our window. This is not good. Plus, they're talking about "large hail" and that concerns me because Etain and Toca [our cars. We name them.] live outside.

What's really scary is that it's not even raining. There's no lightning, there's no thunder. There's just a whole mess of untimely dark, ferocious wind, and birds? No rly, and I don't know why. They're tumbling through the air like rockets with a broken rudders. No living creature should be out in this weather, let alone in the sky. I wont even let my dog go outside right now and she is rooted to the ground... and she's been whining for minutes.

ETA: Oh hey! There it goes! Torrential downpour and near-constant lightning with next to no wind! Sweet! Did I mention there's a lake in my street, 'cause there is.
ETA2: Five minutes later, my windows and screens are washed clean, and there's a SAAB floating outside.

omg, save me.

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