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“There are some things, when reading for school, that really irritate me - and especially studying journalism and leaning towards editing and things like that. When you read a sentence, such as the one I’m about to read you, in an essay on editing and New Journalism and plagiarism, etc... it’s about editing and journalism and "good writing," and then you have a sentence that reads as follows:

"Norman Isaacs prefaced the book by decrying journalistic changes over the past two decades and wrote of the wrenching experiences cause by the so-called New Journalism."

"Cause by," not "caused by" ... "Cause by," and this is an academic text. That is really, very irritating - and people wonder why I have little patience sometimes. This is, this is the reason.

Okay. I’m done dorking on you for now.”

Transcribed by: virtuistic

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