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There is no refuge...

The universe is conspiring against me.

I've been really irritable all morning for perfectly legitimate reasons. I decided that the best course of action would be to get out of the house, go to Bob's Java Hut, get some tea, some pita, and some homework done. I get myself all set up, and everything is starting to generate the desired result when a hippie couple on their second date, sits down directly across from me and starts making out in between telling one another about their oh-so-tragic "my grandparents were alcoholics" pasts. Bitches, please. My mother was an alcoholic. I didn't have the luxury of the "once removed" bad eggs. Shut up, and take your exhibitionism elsewhere. Free love is over. They charge money to see shit like that now, and I don't appreciate the free showing. Out of my sanctuary, plzkthxdie. Is there a mood icon for appalled?

They leave after an hour... and then my mother calls for a re-visitation of all discussions financial, and wants me to give her my password to my online bank account information. She couldn't understand why I refused to recite it multiple times in a public space... Christ.

I don't think being productive is even going to make me feel better about today.

Even Tom Cruise getting screwed over won't cheer me. The hell, man?

ETA 17.37.33 or 5:37 p.m.: OMFG. THEY'RE BACK. MR. & MS. SNOGGIN' VON PUBLIK! NOOOOOOOOOOO! *weeps*

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