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Okay, seriously, what the fuck is with today today?

Here is the list as it stands:

Things Wot Have Not Gone Well
- I almost got mugged today on my way to work. Seriously. In broad daylight, on a busy street, at 3:55 p.m. I got rushed by a bum who thought he could rip my over-the-shoulder bag off my torso and run away with it. Unfortunately for him, it was firmly attatched, as such bags tend to be. Also not good for him, I have years of self defense training under my belt and the reflexes of a goddamn ninja so I whipped him in the face with my keys (which are on a 10 inch Chain of Doom, by the way) and he ran off while I shouted, "ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?! HEY!" at his back. I wish I would've had a lit cigarette in my hand so I could've at least burned him with it, thus branding him as a degenerate criminal for the rest of his mortal life.

- Got cut from work early, and realized that they scheduled me for more days. Thus, my trip to wherever will be shorter than I had originally anticipated.

- Came home and got read the riot act by my mother about the perils of accepting student loans from the government. The horror! Also, recieved a gigantic "I DON'T BELIEVE YOU" when I told her I'm not using my credit card anymore even though I've got evidence and truth backing me up.

- I got Democrat-spew all over me, in a political discussion that initially irritated me beyond beleif and then ended quite well. I will allow that Democrat-spew is better than Republican-bullshit... but I really don't like discussing politics in any capacity. Lesser of two evils be damned.

And like, whatever. I just want to get drunk now, thnx.

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