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Hi. I'm alive. I swear...

Anyway, who watches Weeds? 'Cause this season is blowing my effing mind! I didn't think it could get better than the first one, but it is and it's fantastic! The end of tonight's episode, which is only the second of the season? Jesus Christ! That is amazing television! Beautiful screen-writing!

My only gripe so far is when Nancy was talking to Conrad in her bathroom, I didn't feel her acting was appropriate but that is it. I loved it. The bits with Silas and the whole family dynamic and Andy with the schooling it's all brilliant which is lovely because I hated his character for half of last season! I'm so excited for each week, and I don't even want to spoil it by downloading the next episode because I love this dramatic tension and I want to feel it forever! Well, maybe not forever as such, but til next week will do. It's the same feeling that LOST gives me that I absolutely love and I think really signals a fucking great television show. OMG. SO MUCH LOVE.

Alright, end squee. Alien poll!

*By the way, it's really great that y'all keep eliminating multiple species, because my internet has been so sketchy lately that I couldn't even keep up with the deadline if I tried. I really want it to all come to a close on the 26th, so you guys are awesome. Thanks for helping me live the dream!

The Losers
1.)The Vogons ran fleeing to the far end of the galaxy with their deformed tails between their legs after they logged on to deviantART and were bombarded by a wave of spectacularly bad poetry, even for their standards.
2.)The nymphomaniacal aliens from the Species series are unable to withstand human blood diseases, and were quickly dispatched by an outbreak of herpes.
3.)Aaand the wookies were disqualified because the human race distinctly refuses to be destroyed by anything that is "fuzzy". That's why we have guns. Moving on!

Poll #801281 Alien Survivor: Round Seven

Still on the chopping block...

Virtually indestructible, black, acid-dripping aliens from the Alien series.
The orange, glowing, sea-blob aliens that drown, stab, and replicate like in Invasion (similarly, see also: Invasion of the Body Snatchers)
Mangalores, The Fifth Element
The Goa'uld, c/o Stargate SG-1

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