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band concert... and only 40 more hours...

wooo. 40 hours til florida! it's hard to believe. and yet, in that time i still have to do a math quiz, spanish test, put on a play, go to a cast party, try to talk to ian one last time, and go to work. =] woooo. oh well...the band concert went well.

excecuted my solos perfectly. didnt frack. goober however...did but that's okay. it happens to the best of us. after all, a few days ago... my valve was sticking and such... and the phone rings. hmmm. carmen phones... so yeah. i got it all under control. jon...hah. he's an awesome drummer... not to mention a really big sweetheart. hugs... walks through the halls...escorting me again. hmm... i love ian. but damn jon's chemistry.

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man... i'm so excited for florida. not to mention i have sooo much planning to do! and packing.. and i'm going to miss ian so much. :( man, imma buy a phone card and be a retard and call him like... every other day. all of my money will be spent on phone cards. =/ *sigh*
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