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So You Think You Can End This Season?

... Not if Mia Michaels won't shut the unholy fuck up!

That is strong language. It is a strong feeling. Complete and total irritation. I think I could be happy with my lot in life if I knew I would never have to hear her voice again. Jesus.

I need to watch the first half of the show, 'cause I was at work. Anyway, all I really want to say about this, yeah okay I agree in the final two... but WHAT? I uh.. in shock. I actually voted this time, because Travis was clearly the most talented dancer liek evar! I still think Benji is too broadway, but maybe that's perfect for what he won. I guess I'm happy that Travis wont be wasted on Las Vegas and Celine Dion. He deserves better. It's not like he isn't going to have a job with Mia, although I pity him for having to listen to her.

I really, really, really want to see this tour.

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