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Interest Drabble Challenge 023/150

I realize that I am a total dork for doing this, but I just wrote an ode to craigslist for today's drabble. Heh.

Ode to Craigslist

Oh! Many couches of hideous, floral print!
Oh! Awkward furniture of unusual tint!
Mismatched glassware, and second-hand novelites.
craigslist, purveyor of rarities!

Oh! Missed connections!
Oh! Cold rejections!
Vulnerabilities, romance in the open,
craigslist, helping people keep on hopin’.

Oh! Do you need a career?
Oh! Find one here!
Do you need a home?
craigslist can help you find one to rent or own!

Oh! The “Best Of”!
Oh! My heart is filled with love!
Discussions are easily facilitated,
craigslist keeps us social and sated.

Oh! Lost treasures!
Oh! Business endeavors!
Countless possibilities,
craigslist, you mean the world to me.

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