Thesaurus Rex (virtuistic) wrote,
Thesaurus Rex

the world is so unjust

Why do all things come crashing down at once? Answer me this for once in my life. ajfdklasfjdl;sa.!!! i cant be everywhere at once and i cant take care of everyone and do everything my parents want me to and still keep my sanity and my health! i swear to god my life is going to shit. WHERE IS YOUR BOYFRIEND WHEN YOU NEED HIM?!? in manitoba. that is where. cut off. thank you so much! i shouldnt be mad at him but right now i am. my friends mom is getting a divorce, she is freaking out, looking for something solid to cling to...carmen wants something to stop her from plunging into depression about not having a boyfriend, i need a job, my mom is a bitch, my dad is an ass, they fight, they blame me for it, its like they are oblivious to my displeasure in this house. I wish i could escape i just need somewhere to go. And its not as though i dont have problems of my own to deal with. I want to just be happy. have a day where i am free of it. I just want to plunge myself into music and talk with my friends and have them be happy and have everything be peaches and cream. God, please dont let me ever fight with my spouse. I dont ever want to be my parents. I just one day hope to be able to get away from this confusion and agony and be together with the man i love, stay in touch with my friends that are true to me, and have my own life and actually have it go the way i want to. is that too much to ask? Maybe i'm just to idealistic. And just plain stupid for still believing in the possibility of a happily ever after.
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