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Project Runway 3:5

Holy crap! We get to hear from the models?

This is a bitchin' challenge! Fuckin' sweet! This is so perfect! Everyone has been typecast! This is going to be amazing!

I don't think the designer could've been better matched. I love seeing their sketches. I wonder if I could buy them on ebay.

Okay, Michael's fabric = pure sex.

The designer machine wank is super annoying. Since we've lost five designers, don't we have extra machines now? Do we really have to fight over whos machine is whose and who fucked up what? Sometimes I hate reality tv... just show me the clothes, plzkthx.

I think I'm going to be worried about Bradley all the time. I think Robert's Barbie experience isn't coming out, and if he just let loose he would be amazing. I think I'm going to fall in love with Michael, 'cause he just makes absolutely beautiful clothes. It's almost unbearable.

The First Impressions
1. Alison's dress was... not very hip? I didn't like it at all. It was too short, and I hated the fabric.
2. Bradley's pants, I really actually liked. Not the hyper camel-toe, still was pretty offended by the shirt.
3. Angela's dress was actually really marvelous. It was sexy, sultry, and there were, as always, 8 billion rosettes.
4. Kayne's dress, oh lord. Sexy. That was sexy, but the back/bum was not appealing. I think that was the model's fault.
5. Laura hit the nail right on the head.
6. I hate Vincent, but that pattern is absolutely perfect for Twiggy. I hate his half-moon pockets.
7. Michael, the hot-pants were the best idea. They aren't even horribly hot-pants. They're cute shorts, and I love the color.
8. Robert, I don't like your jackets, and I wish she would've taken it off.
9. Uli's dress didn't scream Diana Ross to me. it's pretty, but I don't like the mixed patterns.
10. Okay, Jeffrey. What in the hell were you thinking? Not even Madonna would wear that. I wanted to hear the judges call him out.

The Final Results
I'm so totally glad that Michael won. He deserved it. I wanted, more than anything, for Vincent to be out. Robert, being the sex appeal of the show, was safe. Bradley wasn't going to make it much longer, and I'm not that upset to see him go.

And that's enough posting for one day.

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