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So You Think You Can Rock My Socks Off?

1. So... the disco = not a firecracker. I thought some of it was awkward. I'm not exactly a disco expert, but meh.
2. Aand... the waltz? Not really very waltzy. Spin, spin, spiny, spin does not = waltz.
3. Oh Heidi. Feathers? No. No feathers. Also, change up your solo plzkthx.
4. Tranji? OMFG. You guys, GIVE ME SMUT. NOW. That better be on YouTube like, pronto.
5. Hey there Donyelle, that was ridiculously pretty. I'm glad you didn't do hip-hop.
6. Okay Travis, you win for me. I love you. You danced to Konstantine, and UNF. You have mah hart.
7. Hi, Ladies. I...don't like your choreography at all, and your eyelashes terrify me. I also don't want Donyelle to have worn that.
8. Oh, Benji... I like you. You're spunky, but... can you do drama? I doubt it. I think it's all fun, games, and cheese-tastic broadway.
9. Donyelle & Travis: It's like nostalgia before my eyes. Loverly. ♥ I don't care what Nigel says, Travis is the best male partner.
10. CAR! Oh wait... dancing. Seriously, I've seen hotter Salsa at the FD. Oh, and Benji, the fact that you're wearing that jacket makes me want to punch you.
11. Travis' entrance... Omg. I want to jump him. Heidi's boots... I want. Donyelle's skirt... was rocked. Benji... got drowned out? I didn't like that he was the only one not wearing black.

It's official. I want Travis to win, and I think I'm actually gonna vote this time.
Anyway dancers, I'm coming to see you all on the 24th of September.

Off to Project Runway!

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