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Interest Drabble Challenge 022/150

Whatever. How do you write a drabble about concerts without describing your standard, run of the mill, concert? They're all fun, but not all of them are phenominal. I am interested in concerts. I am keenly interested in attending them. Writing about them in a general sense, not so much. Anyway, here's my attempt. It's based loosely on the Radiohead concert in Alpine Valley, and various other outdoor concerts I have attended (i.e. Summerfest).

Specifications for a Soul-Shattering Concert

The best concerts involve travel, driving at great speed with giddy anticipation wrenching your stomach into glorious knots. Miles crawl, minutes inch forward, but each millisecond pounds your heart.

The best concerts are outdoors, but still shake the ground. You step out onto the green, trampled grass. Thousands of people are milling about. Your stomach visits your tonsils. You swallow frequently, trying not to explode.

The best note is the first note. It pulls an involuntary scream from your throat, and releases the tension of the previous hours. Soon, you dissolve. You surrender to the music, and you disappear completely.

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