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yesterday so rocked. :)

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<font color=#3399CC face="arial><small><center>wow. yay. i still dont know if i can believe this. yesterday i talked to ian and he told me he'd call at 9:30. i really didnt think he was going to, but he did. and we talked until 11 when my dad had a fit. but....he started playing be like that and i almost started crying.... and he did it 5 times!!! and then... he told me he missed me. then... out of the blue he was like... <i>"you know, i should marry you."</i> needless to say i was shocked. i'm thinking.... uh... arent we missing a few essential steps here? but me, being the eloquent person i am simply said, "okay??> and he replied, <i>"no, i'm serious."</i> and he sounded it. and strangely enough, i believe it, and i can see it. he's coming down for prom. and....i cant wait. :) i had a very sweet dream last night. contentment...euphoria even.</font><center>

<font face=impact>yeah...well today i'm hoping will improve. in an hour my betrothed is to call me again. =] i very much so anticipate that. however i'm a little angered. I hate people that percieve themselves to be better than others, thus giving themselves the power to dictate who can be friends with whom and whom is of more importance. Especially when people simply say, "oh they've been through so much though!" when they havent even seen the half of it. they've been given a brand new car, the best of the best in anything they desire. gawd. i could smack people like that do that. GRRRRR. eh.... andy'll trip them...</font><center>

<font color="plum" face=times>so... i'm hoping he calls, he's wearing my ring again. i miss him. and i love him.
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