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Celebrities really can enrich your life...

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So ... yeah. I met Al Franken today. It was strange, because he literally could have been any other guy if he wasn't so clearly Al Franken. I had to blink twice, before taking his dollar and blurting out that I really enjoyed his book. Also, he's exceptionally modest, and from what I gathered... continuously comical. He's completely down to earth, both figuratively and literally. Dude is short. Shorter than I am, short. I only interacted with him for about a minute and a half, but he is a ridiculously charming, delightful human being. I think muhnipul8a will grow up to be him someday, but I say this mostly in an attempt to quell the stream of jealous profanities that are likely to bowl me over once he actually catches wind of today's events.

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