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Oh give me a home...

Oh my dear lord. I am so sick of layouts I could stab myself in the heart with a trident. Anyway, grammar_pandas is done. All the graphics were custom made, and you have me to blame for that. They're pretty half-assed, but you know what... It's a clean, simple layout for a clean and simple community. What do you think?

grammar_pandas grammar_pandas grammar_pandas

Honestly... I need a break before I redo sbp_midwest. *flop*

In other news, since Nic has been home we've been running all over town, but this has its benefits! We started in Ikea, because it's a prerequisite to the Mall. Still, it's a big damn store full of a lot of shit and my feet hurt afterward. Then, I was drug, literally, into the Mall of America because we simply had to go look at the Abercrombie boys and the Macbook Pro. That being said, you can't just go into the Mall of America with a plan and then stick to it. We ended up going to Teavana, James' Games, Jimmyz, Taco Bell/Panda Express, Sunblox, Nordstrom, White House Black Market, and H&M too. Now, I loathe malls. Nothing puts me in a hostile mood quite like shameless consumerism, but this was actually a decent experience. There were enough of us to wrangle Nic away from things, I found a dress at White House that fit me like a sexy, sexy glove, and Faith and I got accessories at H&M! We both have super-cool, tres-chic, mod hats! I also have some adorable headbands, despite the fact that I swore them off in 6th grade. Oh! And a hot leather cuff from the men's accessories rack. I have no qualms with androgeny.

I love me some Lagerfeld do-dads.

We went night-swimming and played chess on Nic's new, glass chessboard. It was remarkably shiney, and we are pretty evenly matched in terms of capability (or complete lack thereof). Chess is brutal for me though, because I feel like I should be able to see further ahead than I can. Oh well! Tonight I'm working, which doesn't make me happy...but I have tomorrow off.

Anyway, I'm off to officially start my day. I've got books to buy! Also, fiestychele just directed my attention to this, so I need to get the hell away from my computer now. It's horrifying. I love my iPod, but this crosses a line. Everyone will be listening to techno now. I predict hip-hop will take a nasty, dirrrty turn. "Feeling the music" has taken on a whole new meaning.

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